We believe that your financial support and service should be primarily directed to your local church. If you feel led to prayerfully and financially support this ministry, we would ask that if would follow the support you give to your local church.

In short, the primary reason we are asking for financial support is for the goal of devoting ourselves to gospel preaching and baby rescuing full time. The book of Acts teaches that missionaries were supported and cared for so the work of gospel proclamation could be maximized. We are simply evangelists and missionaries to our nation wanting our families to be supported and cared for so we can accomplish as much gospel work as possible.

Both of our families are presently active in public evangelism and abortion clinic ministry but in a part time capacity. Our goal and desire is to be financially supported through this ministry so we can work hard to spread the gospel and function as a daily presence at the abortion clinics in our cities. A daily consistent gospel presence is the most effective tool to rescue babies and reach as many of our lost neighbors as possible.

The funds coming into the ministry will be used for the purpose of supporting our families for the full-time work of the ministry, producing and obtaining evangelistic resources (tracts, signs, booklets, media, etc.), helping mothers and fathers choosing not to abort their babies, and supporting biblical, gospel centered, local church supportive, evangelistic ministries.

If you choose to support this ministry prayerfully and financially you are:

  • Co-laboring with us to actively and daily spread the gospel.
  • Co-laboring with us to actively and daily rescue babies.
  • Enabling us to produce evangelistic and abortion ministry related resources.
  • Enabling us to help, care for, and support mothers and couples choosing life for their babies.
  • Enabling us to work in a full-time capacity.

If you choose to partner with us:

  • Thank you! You are so incredibly appreciated!
  • You will be connected to an interactive partnership group that receives constant news of our activities and prayer requests.
  • You will receive a monthly newsletter describing our current activities, plans, events, and goals.

The best way to financially support us is to work with us to develop a dependable and consistent stream of income into this ministry by way of monthly support. We are extremely grateful for one time gifts, but to build a solid financial foundation for this ministry we must pray for monthly partners who will devote a fixed number of dollars to this ministry on a monthly basis.

To make a contribution or to partner with our ministry monthly please click here:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

You can also send your donation by mail to:

The Upward Call Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 8695
Phoenix, AZ 85066

The Upward Call Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. law.

All donations will be used at the discretion of The Upward Call Ministries, Inc.
No products or services will be provided in exchange for this gift.