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Thank you for visiting our page. If you’re a mother and you’ve decided not to abort your baby, please click here:
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You will be directed to our contact form and we’ll respond to you as promptly as possible.  We’re so thankful that you are doing the right thing and choosing to let your baby live.  We’re here to help.

Click through our website to find out more about us and learn from the resources we provide. If we can sum up who we are and what we do as simply and clearly as possible, it would look like this:

We represent two families who are missionaries and evangelists to our cities working to communicate the biblical gospel to as many people as we can. 

God has also called us to the sidewalks of abortion clinics to work to save babies as we let the gospel shine brightly in that context of death and destruction.  Preborn babies are being systematically murdered every single day.  We must fight against this great life destroying and God dishonoring evil.  We’re in the fight.

Our goal is to commit full time to the spread of the gospel and the saving of babies.  We need your help to make this goal a reality.  Please click on the “support us” page to learn how you can partner with us. What this broken world needs more than anything else is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus is the answer.  His message of good news is the power unto salvation that this lost humanity desperately needs.

Link arms with us as we work to spread this message.

Soli Deo Gloria,

The Upward Call Team