Dear Man-Pleasing-Christian: a Letter to Myself. By Desiree Maes

Dear Man-Pleasing-Christian,

Is Jesus all satisfying to you?

No matter where you live?

No matter your health, or your wealth?

Or lack of.

No matter your worldly success, or notoriety?

No matter if you’re lonely?

No matter if you’re joyful?

No matter if you are content and life is great?

Is Jesus your treasure?

Do you love and adore Him above all else?

Are you so thankful that He saved a completely unworthy person like you because of His great mercy and grace?

Do you think the precious truth of the gospel is so incredibly beautiful that it’s hard to even wrap your mind around?

Then why do you shy away from sharing that truth?

Why do you say things like “it’s unloving” or “I just want to love people where they’re at” as an excuse for your refusal to be obedient to The Great Commission?

Why are you so concerned if people like you? Why are you so concerned about pleasing man rather than pleasing God?

Isn’t sharing the gospel the undeniably most loving and beautiful thing you could share with someone?

Of course it is!

So stop with trying to please man.

Die to yourself and live for Christ.

Share the good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone you can.

Because Jesus is all satisfying, and He is worth living and dying for.

2 thoughts

  1. Great thought. If God is all satisfying, then “The LORD is my Shepard, I lack nothing” should be reality in one’s life. I’d say at least for me, it’s an almost daily struggle to be satisfied in Him and to not look for satisfaction in the world (while we’re living in this world). It’s no wonder that one has to take up his cross and die daily unto Christ.

    And why be fearful of man when we have God with legions of angels on standby? Man like us are but grass that can wither away.

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