For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation… Romans 1:16

A couple of weeks ago, some members of my church and I went before our city council members and pleaded again for the lives of our preborn neighbors.
This was my fourth time going and as I was preparing, I happened to watch two videos, one was Mayor Gallegos “State of the City Address” you can see that here.  As I watched her speech, I began to become so frustrated.

The mayor spoke about equality and safety for all, she even referenced “our youngest of residents.”  It was maddening that she didn’t seem to hear or see the glaring hypocrisy of her statements. On one hand she was advocating for “equality for all” and in the other hand she advocates for the destruction of an entire people group. It boggles the mind! Mayor Gallegos has also been open about her struggles as a single parent and the joys of Motherhood. You can read an article about that here.  And as I listened to her it hit me, here is this strong, intelligent women, who has become the Mayor of the fifth largest city in the United States, and she’s a single mom. One of the chestnut arguments of the “pro choice” movement is that women, who have career or education goals, when faced in an unplanned or crises pregnancy should kill their child. This tells women “YOU ARE TOO WEAK TO DO BOTH.”

This tells women “YOU ARE TOO WEAK TO DO BOTH.”

Mayor Gallegos is a brilliant example that this is false, and yet she advocates for abortion. Why? Because like 2 Corinthians 4:4 says, she’s blind.  She needs Christ to give her a new heart and eyes.

The other was a video I watched was of one of my Pastors (Jeff) at an abortion protest we went to back in May. As I watched him interact with three women who were advocating for abortion rights, my heart burned with conviction. Pastor Jeff was bold and truthful, he didn’t sugar coat anything. Yet at the very same time he was compassionate, gentle, and kind. Anyone could plainly see that even though he has been in this battle for years, he has a deep love and concern for the lost. (You can watch that video here.)
I thought to myself, that even though I was frustrated, I needed to communicate this in a way that was bold and still loving.  I needed to honor Christ and see Mayor Gallegos as what she is: image of God, and my neighbor.

So here is what I wrote:

“Hello Mayor Gallegos. My name is Desiree Maes and I wanted to speak specifically with you today ma’am. I watched your State of the City Address a couple of weeks ago and was moved by much of what you had to say. Mayor I appreciate so much the passion you have to help the people of Phoenix and to see our great city to be on the forefront on issues like safety, innovation, and public transit like you spoke of. As a nursing mom I personally appreciate your hard work in getting nursing stations in Phoenix Sky Harbor. Thank you. You also brought up your concern to help our homeless, the issue of suicide rates here in the valley, and equality and safety for all. I agree these are crucially important issues and I will be praying the Lord gives you the wisdom and strength to tackle these problems. Mayor, respectfully, I just want to challenge you today to be consistent. It’s evident that you care about Phoenicians, last week you even referenced “our youngest of residents.” Technically speaking our youngest of residents are still in the womb and they are no less deserving of our protection. You stated that you came to Phoenix in your pickup truck wanting the opportunities to create your own destiny. How about these children? Don’t you want them to have the same opportunities as you did? Now I know you have said that you are an open supporter of abortion rights, but I have to say I don’t believe you. I just don’t believe that if a pregnant women came up to you today and told you that she was going to be a single Mom, and that she wanted to pursue a career like you in politics or get her college degree that you would tell her that her child must die in order for her to achieve her goals. No Mayor Gallegos, you are living proof that women are capable, resilient, strong, and when faced in crises pregnancies don’t have to choose between career dreams or their child, no you are a shining example that women can have both. And as you have openly spoke about the adversity of being as single parent, you can’t help but beam with pride when you speak of your son.
Mayor I’m not here to attack you. I’m here to challenge you to rise up and to do what is right. To look at your values and ask yourself if you are being consistent in your passion for equal rights? Do you want equal rights for all or just for some? Look, most of my life I was pro choice. It wasn’t until the Lord Jesus Christ saved me and gave me a new heart, and opened my eyes to see the truth about abortion and that by supporting this atrocity I was an equal rights hypocrite, and was not loving my neighbor as myself.
Mayor I plead with you to change your mind on this issue. That’s what repentance means, is to turn or to change your mind. Fight with us to make Phoenix a sanctuary city for the preborn. We all know that at one time slavery was a legal right in our country, but slowly people, even leaders like yourself began to see it was evil, and changed their minds. I will continue to pray for you as you lead our great city. Thank you for your time.”

Well.. that’s what I planned to say, lol however I didn’t say exactly that. So we get there and have to wait outside first in the 105+ degree weather, then we come inside and security has to check our bags and I had a huge diaper bag because my one and a half year old daughter was with me. It was nap time too and she was getting grumpier by the minute. Somehow in the shuffle my typed up speech got lost!  Thankfully I had found a rough draft in my bag.. phew! So we sit and wait for hours for the allotted “citizen comment” time.  I turn to talk to my brother for a moment and my sweet, precious, angel daughter, ripped my other paper in half and poured water on it! I could still read some of it but I was going to have wing the rest. As we were waiting she fell asleep on her uncle which was perfect, or so I thought, I would be able to go up and address the city council members while she was napping….right?


Well right before I went up, she wakes up and of course wants her Mommy… so they call my name and I walk right up with her, take a deep breath and ask for the Lord for strength.. and guess what? He gave me the strength! Praise Him. I stuttered, I mispronounced the Mayors last name, I wasn’t eloquent, but God was faithful to give me the strength to address them, and thankfully it’s not about me! It’s about bringing glory to Him, and faithfully doing what He has called us to do. What a relief because if I was relying on my own strength and abilities, I would be up a creek.  (You can watch here just go to the 2:22 mark)

Look,  I write this to say if I can do this anyone can. I get it, life is busy but if God is calling you to do this, He will give you the strength! If you want to learn how you and your church can get involved in this most crucial fight, you can head over to for free resources and training.

Look,  I write this to say if I can do this anyone can. I get it, life is busy but if God is calling you to do this, He will give you the strength!